AllVPS is Amazing!

Do you want to offer your customers an easy way to manage their virtual private servers? Our WHMCS addon, AllVPS, will solve your problem! It is a very easy to use system that is fully compatible with WHM Complete Solutions (WHMCS).

  • Benefit Number One

    100% Support

    You'll have a helpdesk, a chat, a bug tracker, a forum and a wiki to get help whenever you need!

  • Benefit Number Two

    Better Pricing

    Other cost a fortune! AllVPS starts as low as free. Will definitely fit in your budget!

  • Benefit Number Three

    Easy to Use

    AllVPS is very simple for both users and company administrators. Say goodbye to confusion!

  • Benefit Number Four

    Best Integration

    Do not worry about having to go to many webpages, everything is integrated with WHMCS.

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Free version!
  • What is our web app?

    What is AllVPS?

    AllVPS is a WHMCS integrated virtualization system. AllVPS is system agnostic and works with Xen, OpenVZ, QEMU, VMWare. You can keep proxmox, vePortal, SolusVM working and it can manage as many HW nodes as you need from a single WHMCS!

  • How does our app work?

    What does AllVPS do?

    Automatically provision VPS's, suspend and terminate VPS's (when needed), limit, track VPS bandwith use per VPS, and clients can reboot, Insert/mount CDs from the ISO libraries and even self-install the OS using the included VNC console!.

  • Why do you need it?

    Why choose AllVPS?

    AllVPS automatically provisions, automatically supends/resumes on un-payment, over-bandwidth use applies any upgrades bought by the end customer right in WHMCS!. AllVPS brings to the VPS niche the same automation as shared hosting has had for a long time.